Charles Oropallo Photography

Charles Oropallo at¬† the CharlesWorks office – photo by Charles’s friend, Merl Littlewood

The idea for Charles Oropallo Photography started out as a place to just show some interesting photos Charles has taken. All photos shown on this site are copyrighted and all rights are reserved. Photos on the Charles Oropallo Photography site may not be used with express permission of Charles Oropallo.

The interest that Charles Oropallo’s exhibited in photography has never been anything more than as a hobby. Charles started his photography hobby when he was very young. His interests have always been peaked by gadgets, machines, and nearly any cool things. Cameras have always fallen into that classification to Charles. His grandparents had given Charles his first camera in the 1960’s when he was about 13. Charles Oropallo learned shortly after that time to develop his own negatives and prints with encouragement and help from his uncle, Edward Ellsworth. All of his work at that point was black and white.

Eventually Charles Oropallo owned a Swinger he received from his grandparents. It was one of the first really commercially available Polaroid cameras. Unfortunately, Charles does not have any of his original photos or negatives from that period in his life. Despite that, Charles has seen some that were taken at that time so some of his photos have survived all the years.

Charles Oropallo especially loves documenting family gatherings, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations and hikes with either his camera or camcorder. Many times, Charles might just look out of the house and see an opportunity to try to capture real life through the lens. Birds and other wildlife are great subjects. Charles loves to capture the beauty of plants and flowers – especially closeup shots – attempting to capture intricate detail.

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